Enjoy Your Senior Years Stress Free
Safe and Happy

The Victorian is dedicated to senior living at its most fun. Choosing to move or place your loved one into this community will be the most meaningful decision you can make. The ownership and management at The Victorian supports your family decision. They believe that a “healthy” future in a home community focuses not just on the physical needs of its residents but also on the psychological, social, intellectual and enjoyable aspects of life – free of the worry that day-to-day solitary living means.

The Victorian Philosophy–We are an Assisted Living Community that honors and respects our residents and treats them with dignity. We provide the highest possible quality of compassionate care, while ensuring each resident’s right to privacy and choice, in their daily lives. In addition, we promote involvement of residents and their families in developing care plans to achieve the highest possible quality of life for each resident regardless of race, religion, and culture. We believe that The Victorian is “Home” to each of our residents and that we are here to serve them as we assist with their daily activities and encourage them to become part of our Community.

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